Ocean City is a great vacation destination, and one of the best places to stay while you are there is at the Beach Plaza Hotel. Not only does this hotel have quality service and rooms, but it is also close to many fun and exciting attractions that will help you to stay entertained during your vacation. Located on 13th Street on the Boardwalk, the Beach Plaza Hotel is close to many popular Ocean City attractions, including:

  • The beach
  • Exciting rides and amusement parks
  • Fine dining
  • Night life

To help you narrow down your many activity and entertainment options, here is a list of the top 5 things you should do while you are staying at the Beach Plaza Hotel.

1. Stroll the Boardwalk

The Boardwalk in Ocean City is world-renowned and has claimed its place among the “ten best boardwalks in America” according to National Geographic. Simply strolling along the Boardwalk is a great way to see the sights in Ocean City, and many of the best activities and entertainment options are located on the Boardwalk.

2. Visit Trimper’s

If you are in the mood for fun and competitive games or a nostalgic ride on the oldest continuously-running carousel in America, then make sure you squeeze in plenty of time at Trimper’s. Whether you are looking for exciting rides that will get your adrenaline pumping or games that challenge your skills and offer prizes, Trimper’s has what you are looking for. Trimper’s also has plenty of fun rides for kids and is are sure to keep your entire family entertained.

3. Visit Ocean City’s Beach

Ocean City’s pristine beach is a must-see for all Ocean City vacationers. You can choose to take a short walk looking for seashells and coaxing crabs from their hiding places or you can get a hard-core workout by walking the entire Ocean City beach, which is approximately 10 miles. No matter what activities you have planned for your stay at the Beach Plaza Hotel, make sure you carve out some time to visit Ocean City’s beautiful beach during your stay.

4. Dine at Thrasher’s

Thrasher’s is known for its world-famous French fries, and customers travel from far and wide just to try them. Be sure to check out this popular little eatery and sample their famous French fries before you leave Ocean City.

5. Party at Fager’s Island

Once you are finished with daytime activities, be sure to check out Fager’s Island for some of the most entertaining and enjoyable nightlife in Ocean City. With delicious drinks, dancing, and entertainment, Fager’s Island will offer you a fun-filled evening that you won’t forget.