When you need to get away from home and relax, there is nothing like a beautiful ocean view to put you in a different frame of mind, and let that stress wash away. Next time you need a break, consider one of these ocean settings, in our list of top 10 ocean views!

1.     Mirador Escenico, San Carlos, Mexico

Mirador Escenico

This scenic lookout is 4 miles from San Carlos, and offers a peerless view over the Gulf of California. Front and center is Tetakawi, a volcanic hill that juts out of the sea, complemented by the secluded coves of Playa Piedras Pintas. This is a world-class vantage point for watching wildlife including dolphins, whales, and pelicans. The best way to explore this region is by renting a kayak or fishing boat from one of the local towns. If you’re thinking about a trip to Mirador Escenico, the best time of year for fishing and sailing is between November and May.

2.     Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii


Sheltered by the world’s highest sea cliffs which plunge 3315 feet to the Pacific Ocean, Kalaupapa is only accessible by a near-vertical, three-mile trail in the National Park. Travelling to the remote location will require some advanced planning and only a limited number of people are granted access each day.

3.     Cape Leeuwin, Australia

Cape Leeuwin

At the southwestern tip of Australia, where the Indian Ocean meets the locally dubbed “Southern Ocean” is Cape Leeuwin, safeguarding one of the world’s busiest and most treacherous shipping lanes. In the summer, guests can enjoy the picturesque views of endless water but the winter outlook is much more dramatic, with crashing waves pounding against the cape. Whales are often visible between June and December.

4.     Sur to Aija, Oman

Sur to Aija

On Oman’s northeast coast sits the village of Aija. This spectacular village features low, pastel-colored dwellings, ornate merchants’ houses, and rocky beaches. Fisherman’s dhows bob on the water, and several small boatyards pepper the waterfront. The view is best at high tide, and boats can often be rented from local fisherman to explore the area further.

5.     Ocean City, Maryland, United States

Ocean City

A 2.5 mile boardwalk, one of the best in the country, stretches along the waterfront and offers some of the best ocean views, amenities, and attractions around. With access to great golfing, unique attractions, shopping, and dining opportunities, Ocean City offers beautiful ocean views with all of the luxuries you need to relax and have a good time.

6.     Latrabjarg, Iceland


Located in Iceland’s most remote region, the Westfjords, Latrabag is home to one of the world’s best bird cliffs, and the largest razorbill colony. At Europe’s westernmost point, the cliff rises 1457 feet high and stretches almost 9 miles along the coast.

7.     St John’s Head, Hoy, Orkneys, Scotland

St Johns Head

The northern tip of the island of Hoy is home to the highest vertical sea cliff. With fierce swells and ocean tides, reaching even the base of the cliff can be quite the challenge. The best time to catch this ocean view is on a summer evening when the sunset turns the sky and sea an ardent red.

8.     Son Marroig, Mallorca, Spain

Son Marroig

When Austria’s Archduke Ludwig Salvatore grew tired of life at the Viennese court, he bought a property in Son Marroig. Entranced by the scenery, he spent a fortune on his property which included sweeping vistas over Na Foradada (“pierced rock”) peninsula which features a gaping 59’ hole at its center.

9.     Sagres Bay, Portugal

Sagres Bay

If you are looking for a getaway with some historical romance and swashbuckling adventure, look no further than Sagres Bay. In the 15th century, this is where Prince Henry the Navigator established his School of Navigation where he taught sailors and cartographers as part of his personal quest to expand the known world and open a sea route to India.

10.  Dun Aengus, Aran Islands, Ireland

Dun Aengus

Finally, Dun Aengus boasts one of Europe’s most impressive cliff forts with stone walls built in three semicircles. The innermost court offers superb views over the island of Inishmore, as well as the distant Connemara Coast. The fort sits atop an unclimbable sea cliff, which rises 328’ from the ocean.

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